Thrombolytic effect of human tissue-type plasminogen activator on a canine thrombosis model
ヒトmelanoma細胞株由来tissue‐type plasminogen activator(t‐PA)のイヌ冠動脈血栓におよぼす影響

Yoshikazu ASHIDA, Yoshifumi HORISAWA, Shuichi SHIRAKI, Yasuhiro HARADA, Masahiro NOBUHARA
1987 Blood & Vessel  
We have examined the thrombolysic effect of human tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA) purfied from established human melanoma cell line and two chain urokinase (u-PA) from human urine administered intravenously and intracoronarily in a open chest-canine acute coronary thrombosis model. Two hrs after the total occlusion had been occurred, the 30 min administrations of t-PA and u-PA were initiated. Intravenous administration of t-PA in the doses of 30 X 103 IU/kg and 100 X 103 IU/kg induced
more » ... 0% and 100% reperfusion rate without systemic fibrinolysis. On the other hand, administration of u-PA was associated with the severe reduction of a2-PI, plasminogen and fibrinogen levels. Intracoronary administration of t -PA and u-PA also showed the similar results in smaller doses than intravenous administration. Accordingly, it is concluded that infusion of t-PA induces the effective coronary thrombolysis without severe systemic fibrinolysis in dogs.
doi:10.2491/jjsth1970.18.278 fatcat:7bmioaezd5gwbcrqxye5vuhiq4