Neurons with Perineuronal Sulfated Proteoglycans in the Mouse Brain and Spinal Cord: Their Distribution and Reactions to Lectin vicia villosa Agglutinin and Golgi's Silver Nitrate

Takuro MURAKAMI, Aiji OHTSUKA, Katsuhiko ONO
1996 Archives of histology and cytology  
This study demonstrates that many neurons in the somatosensory cortex, cingulate cortex, retrosplenial cortex and hippocampal subiculum of the mouse brain are covered by sulfated proteoglycans which are intensely negative-charged and stained with cationic iron colloid, while being digested with hyaluronidase. Neurons with similar perineuronal proteoglycans are also recognized in the extrapyramidal system (superior colliculus, red nucleus, reticular formation, vestibular nuclei and cerebellar
more » ... lei), in the secondary auditory system (cochlear nuclei, nucleus of trapezoid body, inferior colliculus and nucleus of lateral lemniscus), in the vestibulo-ocular reflex system (vestibular nuclei and extraocular motor nuclei), and in the pupillary reflex system. The neurons with perineuronal sulfated proteoglycans in the cerebral cortices and hippocampal subiculum are usually labeled with the lectin Vicia villosa agglutinin, though those in the cerebellar, vestibular and cochlear nuclei may not be reactive to this lectin. Double staining of the retrosplenial cortex, hippocampal subiculum and cerebellar nuclei with Golgi's silver nitrate and cationic iron colloid indicates that the perineuronal sulfated proteoglycans are identical with the Golgi's reticular coating or glial nets. 219
doi:10.1679/aohc.59.219 pmid:8874754 fatcat:bz2fd5dvercidmp4hcoyvqnmdu