Lean Leadership and the Lean Management System [chapter]

Steve Bell
2012 Run Grow Transform  
Accepted: 30 November 2012 The purpose of the study is to compare Developmental leadership with Lean leadership; document the differences and similarities and examine if you can combine these theories to achieve better results in the organization. A literature review is used. The result indicates more similarities than differences between Developmental leadership and Lean leadership behavior. The major difference is that Developmental leadership focuses on making the leader conscious of their
more » ... onscious of their own behavior and develop (possibly change) their behavior. Through new behaviors their co-workers and organization also gain developmental advantages. There is no further purpose described in Development leadership theory. Lean leadership also concentrates on behaviors, but clearly declares an override purpose; continuous improvement with focus on eliminating waste in the value stream. Lean leadership behaviors share a similar purpose, and focus on making leaders aware of what incorrect behaviors can cost or cause the organization. Even if Lean leadership does not have this clear and distinct relationship it is an underlying element in one of the two key principlesrespect for people, which permeates both models. The two studied models seem to be quite similar and both focus on role models and frequency of developmental/value creating behaviors. The proposed comparative study should be oriented towards practical application in management positions.
doi:10.1201/b12718-9 fatcat:qywvdkgiaja6fd57zf6kvd2yzi