Emission spectra of Eu 3 + and Tb 3 +: Borophosphate oxyfluoride glasses

B Sudhakar, Reddy, S Buddhudu
2007 Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics   unpublished
The development and luminescence properties of (0.2 mol %) of Eu 3 +and Tb 3 + ions doped borophosphate oxyfluoride (BPOF) optical glasses have been reported in the following general compositions: 69.8 B203.1O P20s-10 (ZnOICdOITe02)-1O (A1FiLiF) Measured emission spectra of Eu 3 +: BPOF optical glasses have revealed five emissions eDo-7 7 Fo.1.2.3&4) at 580, 591, 613, 654 and 701 nrn, respectively with Acxci = 392 nm (Fo-7 s L6).· In case of Tb 3 +:BPOF optical glasses, four emissions (sD4-77F6
more » ... S 4&3) that are located at 489,545, 584 and 622 nm have been measured with Aexci = 374 nm. For the red (Eu 3 +) and green (Tb':i+) emission bands, decay curves have been recorded to ~dmpute their lifetimes. By using relevant energy level diagrams, emission processes in the glasses have been explained.