Hypertension following denervation of aortic baroreceptors in unanesthetized dogs

C S Ito, A M Scher
1979 Circulation Research  
After cervical aortic nerve section, mean arterial pressure in the unanesthetized dog increased by an average of 7.4 mm Hg. Following a more extensive denervation of aortic arch receptors by section of intrathoracic vagal branches, arterial pressure increased by 16.7 mm Hg. The above changes were seen in the stable state after the effects of surgery had disappeared. In both cases carotid baroreceptors were functional. After administration of nitroglycerin and phenylephrine subsequent to either
more » ... enervation procedure, blood pressure changes were larger and heart rate responses were smaller than in the control state. The unanesthetized dog regulates mean arterial pressure at a higherthan-normal pressure after aortic baroreceptor denervation. Reflexes from the aortic baroreceptors continuously participate in the normal control of mean arterial pressure. Section of the cervical aortic nerves only partially denervates aortic baroreceptors. Our findings may be relevant to human essential hypertension. Ore Res 45: 26-34, 1979
doi:10.1161/01.res.45.1.26 pmid:109230 fatcat:n7zuxrpb25fj3kbdfeatgmtabu