Pantothenate and Coenzyme A in Bacterial Growth1

G. Toennies, D. N. Das, F. Feng
1966 Journal of Bacteriology  
TOENNiES, G. . FENG. Pantothenate and coenzyme A in bacterial growth. J. Bacteriol. 92:707-713. 1966.-The effect ofenvironmentalpantothenatelevels on the growth of Streptococcus faecalis 9790 was studied in terms of growth rate, depletion phenomena, cellular coenzyme A (CoA) content, and differential rates of wall and membrane synthesis. Low concentrations of pantothenate yielded normal exponential growth curves up to peak turbidities which are a function of pantothenate concentration.
more » ... entration. Attainment of these peaks was followed by lysis. Under such conditions, bacterial CoA increased initially in proportion with cell substance, but attained a peak level much earlier than cell substance, and then gradually decreased down to vanishing amounts. With higher pantothenate concentrations, cellular CoA levels increased to a maximum, and, under these conditions, the CoA content remained constant during exponential growth. Four-fifths of the pantothenate requirement of growing cells was
doi:10.1128/jb.92.3.707-713.1966 fatcat:u42ws2rvhrfsfomw7pzw5octcm