Magnetic Principles of the Solar System, or, Deductions from Experiments with the Solar Magnetic Engine and previously known Astronomical Truths

Wm. W Hubbell
1850 Scientific American  
of FrBnoe, for improve· monts in8Ub�m&rine vesaelB. I claim the Ill ethod of effecting a circula tion of the air, and of main taming an atmos phere in the cabin of the �equi!ite bulk to pre vent the encroachment of wahr during the d� scent of the vessel, and of prevmting the waste of air by its expansion and escape from the ca bin during the ascent of the wssel, by pump ing it either out of or into thecabin or air re servoir, as may be reqmred , even when the density of the atmosphere in tie
more » ... tmosphere in tie cOlllpartment whence the air is drawn is l,ss than that of the atmosphere in the ccmpartment into which it is forced, a.e 'hereiil set forth. I also the device, consisting substa� tially of the drop pleMnms, chains, and draw pin, for the purpose of carrying ballast on the exterior of a submariJe vessel and of discha.rg it a. t will, as herein sit forth. To C. F. Brown, of ""arren, R. 1., for irnpro"ed method of attaching liJee to harpoons� I claim the manter of attaching and secur, ing the line to tlv harpoon by means of the ring sliding on tle shank, and the rounded end of the socketor butt, in the manner sub stantially ali heDin described. [This is a mo� excellent invention.) To L. S. Chich.tor, of Troy, N. Y., for improv •. ment in maohine,' for dro88ing staves. I claim in j1e above described machine for shaving �"a from rived bolts, the _ em ployment of,two conca. ve knives for sha.ving the outer or ion vex Burface of the sta. ves, sub sta.ntiallya herein described , in combina.tion with a sin,e knifa for ijhaving the inner or conCave sulace of the staves, when the said single knit is placed in a line midway be_ tween th other tW&, that i�, opppoBite the s p&Ce beifeen the other two, substa.ntially in the maner . and for the purpose specified. To S. JClemen., of Granby, Conn., for improve ment inl re-ssing cotton, Ilnd other substltnces into bale •. ,
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09141850-411 fatcat:rsc54rnhffgb3mbbfdb3jxfdau