Phase Separation of a Fast Rotating Boson-Fermion Mixture in the Lowest-Landau-Level Regime

Rina Kanamoto, Makoto Tsubota
2006 Physical Review Letters  
By minimizing the coupled mean-field energy functionals, we investigate the ground-state properties of a rotating atomic boson-fermion mixture in a two-dimensional parabolic trap. At high angular frequencies in the mean-field-lowest-Landau-level regime, quantized vortices enter the bosonic condensate, and a finite number of degenerate fermions form the maximum-density-droplet state. As the boson-fermion coupling constant increases, the maximum density droplet develops into a lower-density state
more » ... associated with the phase separation, revealing characteristics of a Landau-level structure.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.96.200405 pmid:16803159 fatcat:ajllqyy6uve45egi7twz7ylece