Design and evaluation of offline/online controller for series hybrid electric vehicles

Behzad Zabihi, Seyed Mohammad, Ali Mohammadi, Adib Barshan
2018 unpublished
1 Abstract_ This study is aimed at designing offline and online controller for energy management of series hybrid electric vehicles (SHEV). Where besides decreasing fuel consumption and keeping BATTERY state of charge within acceptable range, reduces air pollution. In this paper two energy management strategies of SHEV are designed. In first strategy based on known driving cycle, a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is designed to control power of Electric battery (EB) and internal combustion engine
more » ... combustion engine (ICE). In the second control strategy, width of Gaussian membership functions in FLCs of first strategy are optimized. Preliminarily optimization of Gaussian membership functions widths is done by ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm, then according to four representative driving cycles, four optimized FLCs are designed. In contrast with first strategy the four FLCs can control and manage power of EB and ICM for an unknown driving cycle. Recognition of deriving cycle is based on features extraction of each driving cycle. A learning vector quantization (LVQ) neural network is used to recognized pattern of unknown driving cycle. Finally after recognition of driving cycle, driving cycle recognition (DCR) network algorithm is used to manage switching between optimized FLCs. To verify performance and efficiency of proposed method simulation performed due to Matlab/Advisor environment.