IEA BESTEST Multi-Zone Non-Airflow In-Depth Diagnostic Cases: Preprint [report]

J. Neymark, R. Judkoff, D. Alexander, C. Felsmann, P. Strachan, A. Wijsman
2011 unpublished
A set of in-depth diagnostic test cases for multi-zone heat transfer was developed. These are designed to test the ability of building energy analysis tools to model multi-zone conduction, multi-zone shading, including automated building self-shading and modeling of internal windows between zones. A methodological advancement for this work, which enhances the diagnostic capability of the tests, is that the multi-zone shading and internal window test cases were specified using building zones
more » ... gned to be modeled as precise calorimeters. The basic principle is that all solar radiation incident on an exterior window is captured within a zone, such that the zone cooling load is equivalent to the solar radiation incident on that window.
doi:10.2172/1029022 fatcat:vwq3nrtk2zgvndsth7d5idmjbe