E. Domanova, I. Shuliak
2018 Zenodo  
The market of cosmetic means of Ukraine is analysed and is established that almost 92 % are necessary on production from foreign manufacturers. Accurate classification of shower gels does not exist, but for today manufacturers of cosmetics offer buyers a considerable quantity of various shower gels which subdivide on a floor and age of the buyer: female, man's, children's. Raw materials for manufacture of shower gels are following components: similar to fat substances; fragrant substances,
more » ... nt substances, which can be natural (essence of plants, pitches and balms, fragrant substances of an animal origin) or synthetic; solvents (water, spirits, glycerine, an aether, acetone); surface-active substances (anionic, not ionic, amfoternic), dyes and preservatives. The structure is studied (on marks), are investigated organoleptic indicators, рН shower gels which are realised in the market of Kharkov. The marks analysis has revealed, that the structure of all samples includes laureth sulfate or laurul sulfate sodium, and also significant quantity of synthetic components, dyes, preservatives and another. It can negatively affect a skin condition, lead to dryness and discomfort. On organoleptic to indicators all samples correspond to requirements SD 4315:2004. But samples «Le Pettit Marseiliais» and «VIVAfruts» have a rare consistence. рН all samples it does not exceed admissible norm, but more than 7,2 od., that can lead to irritation and dryness of a skin. Considering problems which excite харьковчан, it is revealed, that they are not so happy with a condition of the skin. As the main problem consider hard water which use daily. As a result the population struggles with this problem different humidifying means. Hard water has negative influence on skin of the person as washes off natural fatty protection therefore the person feels discomf [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2364707 fatcat:64sdbvxzendsnfbq6q5dqbs6nm