Occlusion of blood flow by high‐intensity focused ultrasound

Ian Rivens, Ian Rowland, Gail ter Haar, Mark Denbow, Nicholas Fisk
1998 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  
Blood flow occlusion in vivo using a single high intensity focused ultrasound exposure is investigated. A high power 1.7 MHZ, 150 mm focal length, piezoelectric ultrasound transducer was used to expose femoral vesels to free field spatial peak intensities in the range 750-4660 Wcm"2whilst being moved at constant speed. Pre-and post-FUS exposure, submillimetre resolution magnetic resonance datasets were squired using a Siemens Vision System (1 .5~, with and without contrast agent administration.
more » ... me minimum dose for reliable occlusion was 1200 Wcm-2. We believe this effeet can be exploited to treat conditions where alternative invasive treatments have high associated risks of mortality and morbidity.
doi:10.1121/1.421631 fatcat:c55oqekcezhhpgchpggouxbt7u