A new species and two new records of the genus Pseudepipona de Saussure, 1856 (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Eumeninae) from China, with a key to the Chinese species

Yue Bai, Bin Chen, Ting-Jing Li
2021 Journal of Hymenoptera Research  
In present paper, a total of seven species of Pseudepipona is recognized from China, containing one new species and two newly recorded species. The new species Pseudepipona (Pseudepipona) punctulatasp. nov. is described and illustrated in detail. Pseudepipona (Pseudepipona) kozhevnikovi (Kostylev, 1927) and Pseudepipona (Pseudepipona) straminea (André, 1884) are first recorded from China. Four other known species Pseudepipona (Pseudepipona) augusta (Morawitz, 1867), Pseudepipona (Pseudepipona)
more » ... ona (Pseudepipona) herrichii (de Saussure, 1856), Pseudepipona (Pseudepipona) lativentris (de Saussure, 1855) and Pseudepipona (Pseudepipona) przewalskyi (Morawitz, 1885) are also diagnosed with some figures. Furthermore, a key to the Chinese species of the genus is provided.
doi:10.3897/jhr.82.64011 fatcat:ss3xfzti4jhj7p22weauapedhm