Influence of external electromagnetic field on physiological metabolic processes in plant cells

I.I. Borodai
2021 Zenodo  
The possibility of slowing down the respiration processes of plant cells with the help of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, which allows to increase the shelf life and maintain product quality, is considered. To slow down the respiratory processes and increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, the process of transfer of ions and protons across the cell membrane was considered. Determination of numerical values of biotropic parameters of information electromagnetic radiation for
more » ... hibition of synthesis of ethylene released by fruit and vegetable products, on the basis of models describing the process of plant cell respiration under the influence of electromagnetic radiation. To inhibit the intensity of fetal respiration, the process of regulating the transport of ions and protons across the mitochondrial membrane is described. The expression for the current density through the cell membrane is obtained, which allows to determine the frequency of electromagnetic radiation and the potential on the membrane, which lead to blocking the respiration of fruits during their long-term storage. Theoretical calculations of the values of biotropic parameters of the electromagnetic field for maximum blocking the movement of ions through channels in the cell membrane are equal to electromagnetic radiation with a frequency of 33.5... 36 GHz, and the artificial potential on the membrane should not exceed 120 mV. Exposure to external electromagnetic radiation with optimal parameters increases the probability of possible blocking of the channels of ion movement by almost 7-8 times. According to such conditions, the metabolism at the level of cell membranes and the process of their respiration will slow down, which will naturally affect the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6967633 fatcat:deraiexfrjbcfcx56fv4evzhtq