The choroid plexus--cerebrospinal fluid system: undervaluated pathway of neuroendocrine signaling into the brain

Janina Skipor, Jean-Claude Thiery
2008 Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis  
The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a major part of the extracellular fluid of the central nervous system. The function of the CSF and the tissue that secretes it, the choroid plexus (CP) has traditionally been thought as providing the brain with essential nutrients, removing products of neuronal activity of the central nervous system, and providing mechanical support for the brain's fragile cellular network. More recent studies suggest, however, that the CP and CSF system play a much more active
more » ... a much more active role in the function of the central nervous system being a target, source and pathway for neuroendocrine signaling within the brain.
pmid:18668165 fatcat:rbd5tw3xnjgprm4n4ahprml37e