Motivic integration and projective bundle theorem in morphic cohomology

2009 Mathematical proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society (Print)  
We reformulate the construction of Kontsevich's completion and use Lawson homology to define many new motivic invariants. We show that the dimensions of subspaces generated by algebraic cycles of the cohomology groups of two K-equivalent varieties are the same, which implies that several conjectures of algebraic cycles are K-statements. We define stringy functions which enable us to ask stringy Grothendieck standard conjecture and stringy Hodge conjecture. We prove a projective bundle theorem
more » ... ve bundle theorem in morphic cohomology for trivial bundles over any normal quasi-projective varieties.
doi:10.1017/s0305004109002588 fatcat:ulng2r2jnrgk7mymfy5c6v2wjm