Weighted Norm Inequalities for Toeplitz Type Operator Related to Singular Integral Operator with Variable Kernel

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2019 Analysis in Theory and Applications  
Let T k,1 be the singular integrals with variable Calderón-Zygmund kernels or ±I (the identity operator), let T k,2 and T k,4 be the linear operators, and let T k,3 = ±I. Denote the Toeplitz type operator by where M b f = b f , and I α is the fractional integral operator. In this paper, we investigate the boundedness of the operator on weighted Lebesgue space when b belongs to weighted Lipschitz space.
doi:10.4208/ata.oa-2018-1012 fatcat:t6xinfogsvanve2es7aw6qfdiy