Ultrasensitive SERS-Based Plasmonic Sensor with Analyte Enrichment System Produced by Direct Laser Writing [post]

George Pavliuk, Dmitrii Pavlov, Eugeny Mitsai, Oleg Vitrik, Aleksandr Mironenko, Alexander Zakharenko, Sergei A. Kulinich, Saulius Juodkazis, Svetlana Bratskaya, Alexey Zhizhchenko, Aleksandr Kuchmizhak
2019 unpublished
We report an easy-to-implement device for SERS-based detection of various analytes dissolved in water droplets at trace concentrations. The device combines an analyte-enrichment system and SERS-active sensor site, both produced via inexpensive and high-performance direct fs-laser printing. Fabricated on a surface of water-repellent polytetrafluoroethylene substrate as an arrangement of micropillars, the analyte-enrichment system supports evaporating water droplet in the Cassie-Baxter
more » ... hobic state, thus ensuring delivery of the dissolved analyte molecules towards the hydrophilic SERS-active site. The efficient pre-concentration of the analyte onto the sensor site based on densely-arranged spiky plasmonic nanotextures results in its subsequent label-free identification by means of SERS spectroscopy. Using the proposed device, we demonstrate reliable SERS-based fingerprinting of various analytes, including common organic dyes and medical drugs at ppb concentrations. The proposed device is believed to find applications in various areas, including label-free environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, and forensics.
doi:10.20944/preprints201912.0022.v1 fatcat:qyb2aur5ubfx7jq2575pc6hohe