Mise en place de situations problèmes pour l'apprentissage de la stoechiométrie en classe de seconde : compte rendu d'innovation

2004 Didaskalia  
d'obstacles qualifiés d'épistémologique, de sens commun, didactique et mathématique ont été mis en évidence. Abstract The object of the research consists of elucidating what comes into play when pupils undertake to solve a problem that implies the use of the equation of reaction and of the concept of mole to etablish a balance sheet of matter. A series of situations relating to the study of the precipitation of copper hydroxide have been developed in reference to the theory of didactic
more » ... f didactic situations. Atpupils'level we have witnesseda verystrong reluctance to contemplate the varied ranges -macroscopic, nanoscopic or symbolic -to solve the problems. A series of obstacles that are described as epistemologica!, common sense, didactic and mathematical have been demonstrandum.
doi:10.4267/2042/25583 fatcat:qe6caetqqzdf5o75kabw2hupri