Desertification in Europe [book]

R. Fantechi, N. S. Margaris
A common misunderstanding is that desertification is linked to the presence of deserts. The truth is that desertification can and does occur far from any climatic desert, as the presence or absence of a nearby desert has no direct relation to desertification. Desertification is the result of human induced land degradation which can be accelerated under severe drought conditions, and can occur under very diverse climatic conditions. This is particularly the case for Europe, with extensive
more » ... th extensive desertification processes occurring both in the Mediterranean and in the Central and Eastern European countries. Both areas have been recognized within the UNCCD as affected and are grouped within the convention under annex IV (Mediterranean) and annex V (Central and Eastern Europe) of UNCCD. Main desertification processes occurring in these areas are related to soil erosion, loss of soil organic carbon, contamination, salinisation, soil compaction, soil sealing, loss of soil biodiversity and landslides. These threats have been included in the recently adopted Soil Thematic Strategy of the European Commission and will require urgent action in the near future in order to reverse the negative trends. A full assessment of the major degradation processes and their driving forces, pressures, impacts and possible responses still is lacking. Preliminary results already allow for an extensive mapping of major risk areas for the various threats and would form a good basis for National and local action plans, as required by the UNCCD and the Soil Thematic Strategy.
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