Cortisol Levels in the Human Perilymph after Intravenous Administration of Prednisolone

Hans P. Niedermeyer, Georg Zahneisen, Peter Luppa, Raymonde Busch, Wolfgang Arnold
2003 Audiology & neuro-otology  
Cortisone is used in various inner ear disorders such as sudden hearing loss. However, it is not known if the doses of prednisolone employed in therapy increase the cortisol level in the inner ear. To evaluate the level of cortisol within the perilymph after intravenous administration of 125 and 250 mg of prednisolone, serum and perilymph samples of 29 consecutive patients with clinical otosclerosis subjected to stapedectomy were collected. Cortisol levels were determined by RIA. The
more » ... RIA. The perilymphatic cortisol level was significantly increased in the group with 250 mg of prednisolone while the perilymphatic cortisol levels were not significantly different between the control group and the patients treated with 125 mg. Although the therapeutic dose of prednisolone is not known, we conclude that the application of 250 mg has a greater impact on the inner ear than 125 mg.
doi:10.1159/000073516 pmid:14566102 fatcat:brojgvwq6bevre3js3df6nsn4q