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1875 Scientific American  
are over 5,000 miles of telegra:?h wires in operation, four fifths of which are used for local communications, stock-reporting in struments, and private lines. opened here and there, and one block was over froDJ, the top course on the harbor side. Slight damage also occurred to the shore end in the sea angle. The nature of the settlement was described, also a curious rocking action, and the closing up of the cross joints under the action of the sea.. The reo pairs of the damage, in the first
more » ... ge, in the first season, cost $925. During the second monsoon, 1872, twenty-five blocks were washed out from the top course on the harbor side, eighteen of these block being, in one length, 86 feet. The damage was again traceable to inequality of settlement. The sea side did not suffer, nor did the shore end, though both showed evidence of the force of the sea. The damage was repaired in a few days at a cost of $2,560. 'The monsoon of 1873, the first after the completion of the breakwater, did trifling damage, and was confined to the shore half length, still pointing clearly to weakness of foundation. The repairs cost $995. In the monsoon of 1874, the outer end and scar, which had not then been in any way specially secured, lost five blocks during unusual weather, though no other part of the outer half length suffered, but the shoreward hal f opened here and there. The repairs of this season cost $2,090, and included tho re-erection of an iron beacon on the outer end. The na ture and extent of the subsidence (which in some parts amounted to 3 feet, but without dislocation), were then no· ticed, also the action of a mollusk, the pholas, on the con crete blocks, and the effect of the sea on the rubble base, which did not, however, affect the stability of the super structure. NEW MECHANICAL AND ENGINEERING INVENTIONS. IMPROVED CAR COUPLING. Oscar E. Ford, Meridian, Miss., aesignor to himself and Min or B. Clinton, Dallas, Tex.-Ihls coupllDg consists of drawheads with
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican12251875-408 fatcat:qmthq33yfngrzjpsvkemjn3eka