Chemical, Physico-Chemical and Sensory Evaluation of Moringa - Plantain Flour

N. O. Ilelaboye
2019 Asian Food Science Journal  
This study investigated the effect of the addition of Moringa leaf powder on the nutrient composition, antinutrient content, functional and pasting properties of the plantain flours, and sensory evaluation of their corresponding stiff dough ("Amala"). The stiff plantain doughs were produced using plantain flour substituted with different levels of Moringa leaf powder, ranging from 0-15 % at the interval of 2.5 %. The proximate composition (moisture, protein, fat, crude fiber, and carbohydrate)
more » ... nd antinutrient content (tannin, oxalate, and saponin) were determined according to the methods described by Association of Official Analytical Chemist. The mineral content was analysed using flame photometer and atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The result showed that addition of Moringa leaf powder increased the moisture, fat, ash, crude fiber and protein, contents, but reduced the carbohydrate content of the plantain flours. The inclusion of Moringa caused the reduction in Na, K and P contents and increased the quantities of Ca, Mg, and Fe in the fortified samples. Similarly, water absorption capacity, oil absorption capacity and the least gelation concentration of the supplemented flours increased, and their bulk density, swelling power, and solubility decreased with increase in Moringa substitution. The antinutrient content of the flour also increased (oxalate, 0.54-0.74 %; phytate, 0.60-0.83 %; saponin, 1.549-1.62 %; tannin, 0.43-0.60 %) after compositing. Fortification reduced the pasting (peak, breakdown, final and setback) viscosity and increased the time and temperature of attaining peak viscosity. The Original Research Article Ilelaboye; AFSJ, 6(4): 1-12, 2019; Article no.AFSJ.45796 2 result of sensory evaluation for the fortified "Amala" revealed that 2.5 % to 5 % Moringa leaf powder supplementation for plantain flour was equally rated, and are sufficient to improve the proximate and mineral composition of plantain flour "Amala" without having a significant negative impact on the sensory properties.
doi:10.9734/afsj/2019/45796 fatcat:ybgnhlrhg5eapfriwdeslb7laa