Design of a Training Method for Muscle Power Reinforcement of the Shoulder Joint
肩関節inner muscleの筋力増強訓練方法の考案

Kentaro KAWAI, Masahiro ABO
2009 Rigakuryoho Kagaku  
Purpose] A cuff exercise using a closed kinetic chain (CKC) that was able to forge inner muscle strength selectively was designed. Increase in muscle strength was objectively measured with a hand-held dynamometer (HHD) before and after 3 weeks of self-directed exercise. [Subjects] The subjects were 40 healthy women (40 right shoulders). [Method] Two sets of 50 CKC cuff exercises were performed daily for 3 weeks without supervision. Muscle strength was measured using a HHD at the end of the 3
more » ... the end of the 3 weeks of training. [Results] A significant increase was found for the inner muscle strength after the 3 weeks of training. [Conclusion] The CKC cuff exercise was an effective training method for increasing muscle strength.
doi:10.1589/rika.24.343 fatcat:fvvno3s6zvchpjaogykiopdigu