Modeling of single char combustion, including CO oxidation in its boundary layer [report]

C.H. Lee, J.P. Longwell, A.F. Sarofim
1994 unpublished
Abstracts A model incorporating intrinsic surface reaction, internal pore diffusion, and external mass transfer was developed to predict a transient temperature profile during a single char particle combustion. This model provides useful information for particle ignition, burning temperature profile, combustion time, and carbon consumption rate. A gas phase reaction model incorporating the full set of 28 elementary C/H/O reactions was developed. This model calculated the gas phase CO oxidation
more » ... eaction in the boundary layer at particle temperatures of 1250K and 2500K by using the carbon consumption rate and the burning temperature at the pseudo-steady state calculated from the temperature profile model, but the transient heating was not included. This gas phase model * refer to Section 2.1.3 ** Tm= (Tp+Tg), Tg is 298.15 K.
doi:10.2172/10115187 fatcat:vyjdwiyqfvfrdhigs2madvqdqy