Variability and Inconsistency in Children with and Without Speech Sound Disorders

Seunghee Ha
2020 Communication Sciences & Disorders  
Objectives: This study aimed to quantify and examine consistent and correct word production in children with and without speech sound disorders (SSD) and by subgroups of SSD in order to differentiate between normal variability and inconsistent productions. Methods: This study included 209 typically developing children and 99 children with SSD. The children with SSD were classified into four subgroups based on linguistic symptomatology. All children were asked to produce 22 words on three
more » ... e occasions and their responses were categorized by four types and calculated into scores based on consistency and correctness of word production. This study examined whether proportion of each response and consistency-correctness scores reveal group and age differences. Results: Both children with and without SSD showed high proportions of consistent correct responses, which increased with age. Children produced more consistent correct responses and fewer variable-no hits as they got older. Children with SSD produced fewer consistent correct responses and more variable-no hits than typically developing children. Children with inconsistent phonological disorders produced the highest proportions of variable-no hits, differentiating from other three subgroups of SSD. Conclusion: This study indicated developmental patterns of normal variability by age and inconsistent phonological disorders showed atypical inconsistent productions which are different from normal variability. This study suggested a foundation for differential diagnosis of subgroups of SSD. Dodd와 동료들은 3-6세 영국 아동들을 위한『Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation and Phonology, DEAP』 (Dodd, Zhu, Crosbie, Holm, & Ozanne, 2002) 표준화 조음음운검사도구를 출판하 면서 일반과 말소리장애 아동들의 검사 결과를 토대로 언어학적 증상 또는 표면 오류 패턴을 바탕으로 말소리장애 하위 유형 분류 법을 제안하였다(Dodd, 1995; 2005). DEAP는 선별검사, 조음평가, 구강운동평가, 음운평가, 비일관성 평가 총 5개의 하위 평가로 구성 되어 있다. 그 중 비일관성 검사는 25개의 낱말을 세 번씩 산출하게 하는 과제로 Dodd (2005)의 말소리장애 하위 유형 중 비일관적 음 운장애를 감별 진단하는데 핵심적인 평가이다. DEAP에서는 세 번
doi:10.12963/csd.20714 fatcat:dwma6o4as5fspmoaw5ycxg4uki