Dizi Filmler ve Bilgisayar Oyunlarının Ortaöğretim Öğrencilerinin Şiddet Algısına Etkisi Nitel Bir Araştırma

2015 Usak University Journal of Social Sciences  
S. YÖRÜK, M. KOÇYİĞİT, M. TURAN 128 kurşun, kan ve sigara içen karakter çizildiği görülmüştür. Sigara ve tespih gibi objeler şiddet içermeyen resimlerde görülmemektedir. Abstract The aim of this study is to define the effects of TV series and computer games on the images in the minds of secondary school students and in this context on their perceptions of violence. The research is designed as a qualitative and descriptive study, which is based on to study and to comprehend the social phenomena
more » ... e social phenomena in their own contexts. Of the purposeful sampling techniques, critical case sampling technique was used in the study. Firstly, with the help of Afyonkarahisar provincial police headquarters, the school which experiences cases of violence the most was identified and taken into the sampling. The sample consists of a total of 91 secondary school students in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey, in 2013, 42 of which are 9th grade, 30 are 10th grade and 19 are 11th grade. Survey method was used to collect data. In order to collect data, students were asked to indicate the TV series and computer games they like and to draw pictures about these. The pictures about the TV series and the computer games were grouped as violence containing and non-violence containing pictures. These pictures were analysed in this framework using descriptive analysis. It was found out that in the pictures containing violence, sharp objects easy to carry, like knives etc., and pistols and dead and injured people were drawn. In addition there were lots of bullets, blood and smoking people in these pictures. In the pictures that don't contain violence, objects like cigarettes and rosaries cannot be seen.
doi:10.12780/uusbd.07891 fatcat:3dvtduqflfcrvoo4muidcqkemm