An assessment on preparedness of students of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences in terms of participation in electronic learning system

Nafiseh Rezaei, Shahla Noornejad
2016 unpublished
The aim of this study was to determine the readiness of students to participate in the E-learning is the University of Medical Sciences. Method: The study was a descriptive survey and data gathering tool is a questionnaire. Of the total study population, 351 people were selected to sampling and 360 questionnaires were distributed among them. Finally, 360 questionnaires were analyzed. Student readiness for e-learning was measured using standard questionnaires. The statistical analysis used in
more » ... analysis used in this research is descriptive and inferential statistics (frequency tables, bar charts, and the mean and standard deviation, one-sample chi-square test, Kruskal-Wallis test was U. SPSS software was used to calculate the necessary data is. Results: The findings of the study, University of Medical Sciences is prepared to participate in e-learning are moderate. Conclusion: The analysis of the results showed that the preparation of undergraduate and postgraduate students in e-learning is significant, but the rest of the questions (the difference between the level of preparedness of students according to their gender and school) significant difference there. The results showed that the University of Medical Sciences in terms of access to technology and participation in e-learning are at the level of vigilance. The proposal to improve the readiness of students to participate in e-learning is presented.