Detection of herpes simplex virus type 2 glycoproteins expressed in virus-transformed rat cells

J G Lewis, L S Kucera, R Eberle, R J Courtney
1982 Journal of Virology  
Rat embryo fibroblasts transformed by herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) were assayed for the expression of certain virus-specific glycoproteins on the surface membranes. Monospecific antisera to HSV-2-specific glycoproteins, designated gAgB, gC, and gX, were used in membrane immunofluorescence studies with HSV-2-transformed cell lines tREF-G-1, tREF-G-2, and a tumorderived rat fibrosarcoma cell line produced in syngeneic rats inoculated with tREF-G-1 cells. Analysis of the three
more » ... med cell lines showed that antisera to the gAgB and gX glycoproteins were reactive with these cells. In contrast, no significant reactivity was observed when anti-gC serum was reacted with the HSV-2-transformed cell lines. All three antiglycoprotein sera reacted positively with rat cells productively infected with HSV-2. Additionally, the HSV-2-transformed and tumor-derived cell lines showed positive internal immunofluorescence after reaction with antiserum to an early, nonstructural viral protein designated VP143 (molecular weight, 143,000). Infectivity of HSV-2 in standard plaque assays was neutralized by hyperimmune rat antisera to tREF-G-2 or rat fibrosarcoma cells and to HSV-2 virions and by sera from rats bearing the fibrosarcoma. Adsorption of rat anti-HSV-2 serum with tREF-G-2 or rat fibrosarcoma cells reduced neutralizing activity to 10 and 12%, respectively, compared with 90% neutralization by antiserum adsorbed with nontransformed rat embryo fibroblast cells and 100% neutralization with unadsorbed antiserum. In summary, HSV-2-transformed rat cells retained and expressed genetic information necessary for the production of HSV-2 glycoproteins and a nonstructural protein after high passage in tissue culture or in the syngeneic host. were used in the membrane immunofluorescence stud-275 on May 9, 2020 by guest
doi:10.1128/jvi.42.1.275-282.1982 fatcat:27my2ffvtzfevecf6mtq7mbivu