Synthesis of 1-Phenylthiocarbamido-5-Formamidino-Substitutedthiocarbamido-2-Imino-4-Thiobiurates by Microwave Technique

D Tayade, S Ingole
2016 Human Journals Research Article August   unpublished
"Non-conventional" synthetic method has shown broad applications as a very efficient way to accelerate the course of many organic reactions, producing high yields, higher selectivity and lower quantities of side products consequently easier work-up and purification of the products. Synthesis of a novel series of 1-substitutedthiocarbamido-5-formamidino-substitutedthiocarbamido-2-imino-4-thiobiurates (VIIa-g) having high product yield by the interactions of
more » ... e (IIIa) and various isothiocyanates (VIa-g) by microwave technique. The green chemistry parameters were maintained and perfidious byproducts were avoided. The synthesized compounds were recrystallized and the structure of synthesized compounds were justified and established on the basis of elemental analysis, chemical characteristics and spectral studies.