Combinatorial Properties of Metrically Homogeneous Graphs [article]

Matěj Konečný
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Ramsey theory looks for regularities in large objects. Model theory studies algebraic structures as models of theories. The structural Ramsey theory combines these two fields and is concerned with Ramsey-type questions about certain model-theoretic structures. In 2005, Nešetřil initiated a systematic study of the so-called Ramsey classes of finite structures. This thesis is a contribution to the programme; we find Ramsey expansions of the primitive 3-constrained classes from Cherlin's catalogue
more » ... of metrically homogeneous graphs. A key ingradient is an explicit combinatorial algorithm to fill-in the missing distances in edge-labelled graphs to obtain structures from Cherlin's classes. This algorithm also implies the extension property for partial automorphisms (EPPA), another combinatorial property of classes of finite structures.
arXiv:1805.07425v1 fatcat:jia72p5m3vc6hflolgkkeqylvi