Home Appliances Energy Consumption Control Using Internet of Things (IoT)

2020 jecet  
Advanced Technology like Internet of Things (IoT) enables users to control hardware devices through a software over a wide coverage area at very fast speed with little source of energy. This energy places an important role in household appliances, industries, agricultural machinery and so on. Controlling the energy efficiently for appliances in the home is very important too. In this work, home appliances are controlled through the internet. The design developed into a system that can control
more » ... veral electrical loads which were connected at different terminals. Upon connection then User interface were developed to interact with the system that allows user to easily control these home appliances through the internet. The system when routed through the IP address enable easy access to the appliances at home from distant locations. Thus, the time delay inherent in-Home automation systems technologies that includes Bluetooth, Zig bee and Z-wave uses remote control either through sending (SMS) are eliminated in IoT devices and designs based on the technology in question. However, the user can control the appliances with great ease thereby conserving the consumption of energy control proportional as a result.
doi:10.24214/jecet.b.9.3.26170 fatcat:lpzr632bbrap5frl77wpsjggha