Surgical Management of Malignant Soft Tissue Tumours in Patients Aged 65 Years or Older

S Osaka, H Sugita, E Osaka, Y Yoshida, J Ryu
2003 Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery  
surgical margins (determined on the basis of gross inspection of the excised tumour and the cut surface); but there was recurrence in 4 patients with marginal margins, and one patient with intralesional margin. Two patients with intralesional, 4 with marginal, and 2 with wide margins, died from recurrence at the primary site and metastasis, or from metastasis without recurrence at the primary site. Results. Follow-up periods ranged from 4 months to 180 months (mean, 91.6 months). The overall
more » ... ear survival rate was 79.6%; for low-and high-grade neoplasms, the figures were 100% and 69.7%, respectively; for those aged 65 to 69 years and in their 70's or older, the figures were 90.9% and 70.1%, respectively. Conclusion. For geriatric patients, wide surgical margins are required to manage both low-and high-grade neoplasms, in order to avoid multiple surgeries. ABSTRACT Objective. With the aim to determine the most effective treatment for primary malignant musculoskeletal tumours in patients aged 65 years or older, we reviewed cases of low-and high-grade neoplasms, surgical margins, surgical methods, and the prognoses of elderly and aged patients at our institution.
doi:10.1177/230949900301100107 pmid:12810968 fatcat:yzeuorg57fe7pie5t3q4jhkhj4