Barbara Zanuttigh, Jentsje W. van der Meer
2009 Coastal Structures 2007  
This paper analyses wave reflection from composite slopes by means of an extensive database, which includes smooth and rock (permeable and impermeable core) slopes and slopes with all kind of artificial armour units. The aim of this research was to identify the proper evaluation of the breaker parameter so that the formula the Authors already developed for straight slopes could be applied also to structures with berms, toes and in general to composite slopes. The correct evaluation of the
more » ... r parameter is focused on a more accurate estimation of the structure slope. Based on the observation that for reflection, differently from what happens for overtopping and runup, the whole slope below m.sl. is really important, the slope to appear in the breaker parameter is evaluated as a weighted average of the partial slopes and it is included in the proposed prediction formula, obtaining a good agreement with the original database for straight slopes.
doi:10.1142/9789814282024_0066 fatcat:6ew4l3y5qvdwzmxfx7m74fn2je