A discrete fully logical and low-cost sub-nanosecond UWB pulse generator

J. Schwoerer, B. Miscopein, B. Uguen, G. El-Zein
The 2005 IEEE Annual Conference Wireless and Micrwave Technology, 2005.  
This article deals about pulse generation for impulse radio applications. The main goal is to realize an FCC-compliant pulser with usual "commercial offthe-shelf" components. The pulser must be easily controlled by the transmitter logic. This is highly desirable for integration in low power equipment with a silicon portable schematic. After a short advantages and drawbacks overview of pulse generation techniques, with their advantages and drawbacks, we describe a solution that properly fits our
more » ... t properly fits our needs. Several prototypes have been realized and tested. Results of experimentations and measurements are provided and different ways to improve performance and flexibility, in term of power and spectrum management, are also explored.
doi:10.1109/wamic.2005.1528339 fatcat:5saq5ocgbjc3fpwxvxldmstzpm