Development and challenges of land administration in Albania

Bozena LIPEJ
2015 Micro, Macro & Mezzo Geoinformation  
In many countries the trend of setting up and modernizing of efficient land administration systems has expanded rapidly over the past few decades. Guidance for the national creation and development of land administration polices and related systems could be taken from several internationally respected documents produced by international organizations. Public sector and sectorial reforms in Albania are a continuous process which is closely associated with the process of European Union (EU)
more » ... ation. They represent a demanding priority for all ministries and institutions involved. Albania is on the way to successfully implement internationally recognized best practices in land administration. There is a need to develop a fit-for-purpose and sustainable land administration system within a short time frame and at an affordable cost. Hereinafter an overview of the status of land administration in Albania is presented, with an emphasis on the modern development and changing priorities of the national registration institution and the Government of Albania (GoA). Donor projects offer good support for the creation of modern land administration and management policies and systems. Some considerations and views of the author on the path to achieving a well-functioning and sustainable system are presented later in the article.
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