A Revision of Oppiidae and Its Allies (Acarina: Oribatida) of Japan 2. Genus Cycloppia

Norihide OHKUBO
2003 Journal of the Acarological Society of Japan / Nihon Dani Gakkaishi  
The genus Cycloppia was revalidated from Processoppia and revised. A key and species list of its related genera were given. Three Japanese speces, C. simplex (Suzuki), C. restata (Aoki) and C. granulata spec. nov., became the only members of Cycloppia. New replacement name Rhaphoppia mihelcicana was given to Oppia mihelcici Hammer, 1968 which is a junior primary homonym of Oppia mihelcici Pérez-Iñigo, 1965.
doi:10.2300/acari.12.73 fatcat:k2atra4ddncevbidycnrpj2kca