The Effect of Integrative Motivation on Students' Achievement among the Intermediate French Language Learners in a Community College Speech Community

Yawo Badagbo
This study examined whether integrative motivation would improve academic achievement in a French language learning classroom. The study was conducted with a speech community in the Intermediate French classroom at a midsize university outside of Baltimore, Maryland. The sample consisted of 27 students. It used a quasi-experimental pretest/posttest design to determine and compare the effects of integrative motivation on students' achievement produced by cultural teaching strategies. The
more » ... nt used to measure the students' achievement was the pretest/posttest designed by the researcher. Another instrument that was used in this experiment was questionnaires to measure students' integrative motivation. The study began in September 2013 and concluded in October 2013. It was determined that integrative motivation has no significant effect on the students' achievement. However, the survey produced a positive result by indicating that cultural instruction helped students. It is suggested that longitudinal research be conducted to confirm the results of this study.
doi:10.13016/m2915p fatcat:6vali4y6nvaqld5zxejcwpaxhi