Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Temperature Drop Calculation

Xiao Xiuwei
2014 Online] Advances in Petroleum Exploration and Development   unpublished
The numerical computation of natural gas pipeline temperature drop will provide the reference data for the design of gas pipeline, the judgement of hydrate formation, the normal production and operation. On the basis of Suhuofu formula, considering the effect of the Joule-Thomson, according to the natural gas flowing through a pipe heat conduction basic theory, combined with engineering thermodynamics, h e a t t r a n s f e r a n d f l u i d m e c h a n i c s k n o w l e d g e , establishing
more » ... e , establishing gas transmission pipeline temperature drop model, adopt iterative method, the natural gas temperature along the pipe is calculated, comparing some kind of factors such as gas composition, the pipeline operational factor, the heat preservation situation, and analysis how the factors influent the temperature drop, providing the theory basis for how to reduce the temperature drop in the gas line, the heating power and the heating furnace heating temperature calculation, and energy conservation and optimization.