Facebook Campaigning: Political Presentations and the Electronic Word-of-Mouth based on a Functional Approach

2017 International Journal of Media Journalism and Mass Communications  
This research utilized a functional approach of campaign communication discourse and political visual images to analyze the political presentations by textual and visual information on Facebook and the influence on electronic word-of-mouth by likes and shares. Results revealed that candidates employ a safe strategies. They emphasize on policy more than character and on acclaiming more than attacking and defending. They are inclined to apply gender stereotype resistance because the female
more » ... e the female candidate tends to present herself in a masculine and reasonable way by utilizing more argumentative images for character issues. The male candidate tends to show himself in a feminine and soft way by employing more emotional visual symbols. The female candidate messages achieve the largest number of 'like' and 'share'. Facebook Campaigning: Political Presentations and the Electronic Word-Of-Mouth based on a Functional Approach International Journal of Media, Journalism and Mass Communications (IJMJMC) Page| 11 3.2. Coding 5 Hofmann S, Räckers M, Beverungen D & Becker J. Old blunders in new media? How local governments communicate with citizens in online social networks.
doi:10.20431/2454-9479.0303002 fatcat:sb3swqjcvneyfop4vz4xwc3eyq