An interactive 3D viewer of molecules compatible with the suite of ANTHEPROT programs

Gilbert Deléage
2012 Journal of Biophysical Chemistry  
In this paper, I will describe a completely new 3D module which can be called from within the well known ANTHEPROT program devoted to protein sequences analysis. This module allows fully interactive handling of high-quality 3D structures with various modes of representation (CA sticks, wireframe, ball and sticks, spacefill models as well as surface, ribbons, Ramachandran plots). Alternatively, ANTHEPROT 3D can be used as an external program fully independant from the global package. It is
more » ... ble from the download page of the web site ( More than 2800 downloads last year were recorded since the program was delivered.
doi:10.4236/jbpc.2012.31004 fatcat:7nokff5fz5a2foyn4pis2xdgw4