MovieDIRec: Drafted-Input-Based Recommendation System for Movies

Hyeonwoo An, Daeyeol Kim, Kwangkee Lee, Nammee Moon
2021 Applied Sciences  
In a DNN-based recommendation system, the input selection of a model and design of an appropriate input are very important in terms of the accuracy and reflection of complex user preferences. Since the learning of layers by the goal of the model depends on the input, the more closely the input is related to the goal, the less the model needs to learn unnecessary information. In relation to this, the term Drafted-Input, defined in this paper, is input data that have been appropriately selected
more » ... d processed to meet the goals of the system, and is a subject that is updated while continuously reflecting user preferences along with the learning of model parameters. In this paper, the effects of properly designed and generated inputs on accuracy and usability are verified using the proposed systems. Furthermore, the proposed method and user–item interaction are compared with state-of-the-art systems using simple embedding data as the input, and a model suitable for a practical client–server environment is also proposed.
doi:10.3390/app112110412 fatcat:3s2joawacncrboopw3c4e7senu