Modeling of Thin Layer Drying Kinetics of Salted Fish Fillets (Tilapia Zilli) in a Direct Passive Solar Dryer

Ikrang, Elijah G., Okoko, Joseph U, Obot, Mfrekemfon S., Akubuo, C. O
2014 IOSR Journal of Environmental Science Toxicology and Food Technology  
An empirical thin layer drying model for modeling the salted fish filets in a direct passive solar dryer was developed. The experiment was conducted in a factorial form arranged in a completely randomized design (CRD) with three treatments replicated five times. The model got evolved from Wang and Singh model. The statistical analysis was done with a non linear regression analysis program (NLRP). From the result it is evident that the new model was found best to describe the drying process of
more » ... lted fish filets over the conditions tested (temperature 20 to35.1 0 C, Relative Humidity54 to100% ). Results also showed that the new model in this work was the best in terms of explaining the drying kinetics of the fish fillets with χ 2 , SE R 2 , and P values ranging from, 2.22x10 -6 to 0.001176 ,0.008171 to 0.010844 ,0.9978 to 0.9981 and 0.0226 to 0.2151 respectively.
doi:10.9790/2402-08141624 fatcat:lxwkgacjgje27dr2vvxahwuwhe