Precise Wide Range Heatmeters for 1.5 K up to 80 K [chapter]

G. Ferlin, B. Jenninger, J.-M. Rieubland
1998 Advances in Cryogenic Engineering  
Two heatmeters were designed at CERN for applications below 20 K with the option to work also at temperatures up to 80 K. The new calibration principle and design permits the construction of wide range heatmeters with precision in the range of milliwatts. The calibration function takes into account the temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity of the heatmeter material. The heat flow measurement is, therefore, independent of the base temperature, i.e. it is also independent on the
more » ... rature drop across thermal contact between heatmeter and the cold source. The simple calibration function makes the heatmeter a user-friendly portable diagnostic device. It is possible to quantify parasitic heat flow without a previous calibration, or to calibrate the heatmeter during a measurement with a specimen.
doi:10.1007/978-1-4757-9047-4_101 fatcat:oua7i5tlsfda3cf5lfjcdwn5a4