Fuel cell based CHP technologies for residential sector
연료전지와 마이크로 열병합 발전기술

Young Mok Son
2016 Journal of Energy Engineering  
T his ar ticle r eports cur rent status of micro f uel cell-combined hea t and power ( μFC-CHP) sy stems which ut ilize bot h pow er and heat gen erated by f uel cells. T here ar e s everal opt ions f or constructing CHP systems and a mong t hem, fuel ce lls ar e t he most useful and t heir total ener gy ef ficiency com bining heat and po wer ca n r each up t o about 90 %. Fue l ce lls ar e cl assified as f ive types based on t he el ectrolyte, but the m ost su itable fuel cell types fo r the
more » ... C-CHP system ar e p roton exchange m embrane f uel cells (PEMFCs) and sol id oxi de f uel cells ( SOFCs). μFC-CHP s ystems have s everal advant ages such as decrease of t he t ransmission-distribution l oss, r educed co sts of e lectricity due t o distributed p ower ge neration, an d environmental-friendliness ow ing t o zero emission. T he m ain dr awback of the μFC-CHP s ystems i s the high i nitial i nvestment, ho wever, i t keep s decr easing as t he technology devel opment reduces p roduction costs. C urrently, Japan is t he most leading co untry of t he μFC-CHP m arket, however, Korea t ries t o expand the market b y planning th e deployment o f 1 million u nits o f μFC-CHP systems a nd g overnmental su bsidiary supporting of ha lf of t he i nstall pr ice. In this r eport, i ntegration t echnologies for conn ecting FC and C HP, and technology trends of l eading c ountries are presented a s w ell. Key w ords : Fuel cells, com bined heat and power, prot on exchange m embrane fue l cell, solid oxi de fue l sell, FC-CHP s ystem.
doi:10.5855/energy.2016.25.4.251 fatcat:a6quiqvodvewhiuhmfx3zdzqxa