Creative problem solving and facial expressions: A stage based comparison

Mritunjay Kumar, Satyaki Roy, Braj Bhushan, Ahmed Sameer
A wealth of research indicates that emotions play an instrumental role in creative problem-solving. However, most of these studies have relied primarily on diary studies and self-report scales when measuring emotions during the creative processes. There has been a need to capture in-the-moment emotional experiences of individuals during the creative process using an automated emotion recognition tool. The experiment in this study examined the process-related difference between the creative
more » ... em solving (CPS) and simple problem solving (SPS) processes using protocol analysis and Markov's chains. Further, this experiment introduced a novel method for measuring in-the-moment emotional experiences of individuals during the CPS and SPS processes using facial expressions and machine learning algorithms. The experiment described in this study employed 64 participants to solve different tasks while wearing camera-mounted headgear. Using retrospective analysis, the participants verbally reported their thoughts using video-stimulated recall. Our results indicate differences in the cognitive efforts spent at different stages during the CPS and SPS processes. We also found that most of the creative stages were associated with ambivalent emotions whereas the stage of block was associated with negative emotions.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0269504 pmid:35731723 pmcid:PMC9216609 fatcat:aqk3xd5j3vcqtcmpm42adiin5m