Co-Fuelling of Peat with Meat and Bone Meal in a Pilot Scale Bubbling Bed Reactor

Kevin McDonnell, Enda J. Cummins, Colette C. Fagan, Markku Orjala
2010 Energies  
Co-combustion performance trials of Meat and Bone Meal (MBM) and peat were conducted using a bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) reactor. In the combustion performance trials the effects of the co-combustion of MBM and peat on flue gas emissions, bed fluidization, ash agglomeration tendency in the bed and the composition and quality of the ash were studied. MBM was mixed with peat at 6 levels between 15% and 100%. Emissions were predominantly below regulatory limits. CO concentrations in the flue gas
more » ... ns in the flue gas only exceeded the 100 mg/m 3 limit upon combustion of pure MBM. SO 2 emissions were found to be over the limit of 50 mg/m 3 , while in all trials NO x emissions were below the limit of 300 mg/m 3 . The HCl content of the flue gases was found to vary near the limit of 30 mg/m 3 . VOCs however were within their limits. The problem of bed agglomeration was avoided when the bed temperature was about 850 C and only 20% MBM was co-combusted. This study indicates that a pilot scale BFB reactor can, under optimum conditions, be operated within emission limits when MBM is used as a co-fuel with peat. This can provide a basis for further scale-up development work in industrial scale BFB applications.
doi:10.3390/en3071369 fatcat:bvfbtowpg5eaxkwxdbsvhgy3c4