Neutralizing lactic acid produced by Lactobacillus casei wit calcium carbonate

A. Sentisiran, Vasanthi Arasaratnam, K. Balasubramaniam
1999 Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka  
A b s t r a c t : Maintaining pII by neutralising lactic acid with NaOI-I improves the growth, glucose consumption, and lactic acid procluction by L~zctohaclllc/.s cnsei. However glucose consumption and lactic acicl production were increased when the p1-l of the above medium was maintained with CaCO" . When glucose concentrat1011 was increasecl leading to a decrease in growth rate, CaCO, seems to be cfrectivc a t high glucose concentrations. Atlding glucose ancl C a C O , a t different growth p
more » ... different growth p h a s e s (lid n o t a l t e r glucose consumption and lactic acid production.
doi:10.4038/jnsfsr.v27i2.2984 fatcat:smp76w5qhng7dicpndsrcbmmdq