Single-pixel coherent diffraction imaging [article]

Meng Li, Liheng Bian, Guoan Zheng, Andrew Maiden, Yang Liu, Yiming Li, Qionghai Dai, Jun Zhang
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Complex-field imaging is indispensable for numerous applications at wavelengths from X-ray to THz, with amplitude describing transmittance (or reflectivity) and phase revealing intrinsic structure of the target object. Coherent diffraction imaging (CDI) employs iterative phase retrieval algorithms to process diffraction measurements and is the predominant non-interferometric method to image complex fields. However, the working spectrum of CDI is quite narrow, because the diffraction
more » ... on which it relies require dense array detection with ultra-high dynamic range. Here we report a single-pixel CDI technique that works for a wide waveband. A single-pixel detector instead of an array sensor is employed in the far field for detection. It repeatedly records the DC-only component of the diffracted wavefront scattered from an object as it is illuminated by a sequence of binary modulation patterns. This decreases the measurements' dynamic range by several orders of magnitude. We employ an efficient single-pixel phase-retrieval algorithm to jointly recover the object's 2D amplitude and phase maps from the 1D intensity-only measurements. No a priori object information is needed in the recovery process. We validate the technique's quantitative phase imaging nature using both calibrated phase objects and biological samples, and demonstrate its wide working spectrum with both 488-nm visible light and 980-nm near-infrared light. Our approach paves the way for complex-field imaging in a wider waveband where 2D detector arrays are not available, with broad applications in life and material sciences.
arXiv:2003.14237v1 fatcat:ogw3tyeytjbdfdledsxqq3lcdu