New Secure Concurrecy Manegment Approach For Distributed And Concurrent Access Of Encrypted Cloud Databases Using Dbaas

Mr.Satish.C.Cholke, Prof.S.B.Natikar
2015 Zenodo  
Handover the critical data to the cloud provider sh ould have the guarantee of security and availabilit y for data at rest,in motion,and in use. Many alternatives sys tems exist for storage services,but the data confi dentiality in the database as a service paradigm are still immature. We propose a novel architecture that integrates clo ud database services paradigm with data confidentiality and exe cuting concurrent operations on encrypted data. Thi s is the method supporting geographically
more » ... tributed client s to connect directly and access to an encrypted cl oud database,and to execute concurrent and independent operation s by using modifying the database structure. The proposed architecture has also the more advanta ge of removing intermediate proxies that limit the flexibility,availability,and expandability properties that are inbuilt in cloud-based systems. The efficacy of th e proposed architecture is evaluated by theoretical analyses a nd extensive experimental results with the help of prototype implementation related to the TPC-C standard benchm ark for various categories of clients and network l atencies. We propose a multi-keyword ranked search method for the encrypted cloud data databases,which simultan eously fulfill the needs of privacy requirements. The prop osed scheme could return not only the exact matchin g files,but also the files including the terms latent semantica lly associated to the query keyword.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1473218 fatcat:gcglipkyfrekdfvmtg6pyy4mwa